The Blood Lie



cover blood lie 5-4-11

One autumn afternoon in 1928, a Christian girl disappeared near her home in a small upstate New York town. By chance, it was the day before Yom Kippur. Someone started a rumor: that the Jews had kidnapped the child, murdered her, and drained her blood to use in their holiday foods. People bought the lie. The police bought the lie. And they decided to take action.

That is the true story of the blood libel that happened in Massena, NY, just a few years before Hitler took power in Germany and began using the blood libel to help justify the oppression and ultimate slaughter of the Jewish people. The Blood Lie is a novel inspired by the events in Massena. Delving into the minds of both the perpetrators and the casualties, it’s a story about hate crimes and loving acts, despair and hope, loss and redemption.

Recognition for The Blood Lie includes:

Best Fiction Books for Young People, American Library Association

Winner, Once Upon a World Book Award, Simon Wiesenthal Center & Museum of Tolerance

Honor Book, Association of Jewish Libraries Sydney Taylor Award

Directors Mention, Langum Prize for American Historical Fiction

Honor Book, Los Angeles Unified School District Awards

Honor Book, Skipping Stones Awards


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