Remember Dippy

Remember Dippy book cover-HiRes

Twelve-year-old Johnny’s perfect summer plans fly out the window when he learns he must spend his vacation helping out with his autistic older cousin, Remember. At first, Johnny’s premonitions of disaster come to cringeworthy fruition as he gets into trouble with everyone, including the new Goth girl, the neighborhood bully, and his crush. But when the two boys save the local jock from drowning, salvage the pizzeria guy’s romance, rescue an injured octogenarian, and share girl troubles, Johnny ends up having the summer of his life. He also discovers a new friend in his cousin, as well as an appreciation for what really matters in a person.

Packed with suspenseful plotting and engaging characters–including a secret friend, a couple of clever ferrets, and a hairdresser-in-training–Remember Dippy explores the continuum of human differences with humor and heart. Between helpings of mouthwatering shortcake, mysterious disappearances, and  mischievous wordplay, readers will discover the rich potential of unexpected, even improbable friendships.

Remember Dippy is the recipient of the Council for Exceptional Children’s Dolly Gray Literature Award, as well as the Skipping Stones Honor Award.

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