Please feel free to contact me here.


2 comments on “Contact

  1. Dolly Gray says:


    We wanted to inform you that your book, Remember Dippy, is being considered for the 2014 Dolly Gray Children’s Literature Award. You can find more information about the award at: or on Facebook

    Award winners will be announced soon.

    Thank you for your contribution,

    Tina Dyches
    Chair, Dolly Gray Award

  2. Nancy Watson says:

    Hello Shirley, Our book club will be reading the Black Butterfly for our first book of the school year. We would be so interested in communicating with you about this book. Would you be willing to Skype with us sometime in early October? Do you charge for this? Our book club will be meeting on Monday afternoons from 2-3 pm. It would be wonderful to make connections with you regarding your writing process and the fact that you included a Maine island in your story!

    Thank you for considering my request.
    Sincerely, Nancy Watson, Bangor High School Librarian, Bangor, ME

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